Sometimes, you just have one of those days – one of those days where it takes 3 and a half hours to draw three panels of a comic strip – because for some very strange reason you can actually FEEL the disconnect between your brain and your hand.

I had _way_ too much coffee yesterday.  Until this week, I hadn’t had coffee regularly in at least 5 months –  I’m not drinking coffee anymore – apparently it breaks the creative side of my brain. >:(

In all seriousness – I think that there might be an actual relationship between the caffeine and motor control.  The coffee helps me think, and opens up creative thoughts, but it makes it hard (nay – impossible) to draw things that I’ve been drawing every other day for six months.

I’m naturally a perfectionist when it comes to things like art, and this strip irritates me to no end.  Nothing’s right.  I’ll be redrawing it soon enough.